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Authentic Attribute started as a university project in 2015 by Leda Daroczi. Some of the elements that inspired the project were sustainability, cultural diversity, and ancient history. After a few years of research, trial & error, and personal development, the agency was born. 

Authentic Attribute stands for people who choose to develop themselves daily. We seek to create environments where people feel empowered to carry out self-improvement practices and feel safe to cherish human connections through everyday interactions. 

As an agency, we offer spatial design for residential and commercial projects alongside branding and creative direction. We are passionate about independent businesses because we believe that the corporate world has the power to shape the world. We aim to create spaces that contribute to the well-being and network of like-minded individuals.

We promote a free lifestyle not only for our clients but for those who work with us. Creative agents of various backgrounds deliver projects by working remotely.  We are still in our early stages, but we are building a closely-knit network of specialist agents within interior design, set design, branding, creative direction, and UX design. This way of working allows us to fulfil various budgets, timescales, locations and provide the skills of dedicated professionals who are passionate about their work.

We seek to better ourselves every day, learn new and forgotten practices and influence the market in a way that benefits the human spirit, shapes corporate communities, reunites family circles, and purifies our natural world.

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