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Authentic Attribute is currently managed by the founder, however as time goes on we seek to grow into an agency that benefits from the work of various independent agents who may have their own practice in related fields. This approach would not only ensure that the person working with us is passionate about their career, but also create a network of independent creative professionals supporting one another.

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Founder & Creative Director

Léda is the founder and currently the sole agent of Authentic Attribute. She graduated in furniture and product design, studied creative direction and interior design, worked as a CAD draughtsperson at a specialist joinery company, coordinated a community at a co-working space, and managed several promotional campaigns. Her passion for self-development and independent businesses drives her to not only create harmonious spaces, but also encourage a harmonious lifestyle in them.

Léda is a martial arts enthusiast, nature photography lover, and an artist at heart. She is interested in ancient history and indigenous cultures. With roots to Hungary and Transylvania, she misses her home outside the UK. Léda loves traveling and exploring off-the-beaten-track places such as hidden local cafes, underground art venues or the serenity and quiet of the Norwegian countryside. She is an advocate for sustainable products with her line of up-cycled and hand-painted glassware sold on Etsy



We're looking to create connections that would allow collaboration on any creative projects.

It all starts with a conversation. Please send us a message about yourself and your interests.

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