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One of the most inclusive projects was undertaking the relocation, refurbishment, and rebranding of a clothes alteration shop. Attic Wardrobe established in 1991 has been taken over by a new director who wished to tailor the business to herself. The project undertook a relocation to a more convenient spot, benefited from interior design services, and has uplifted its image through a new logo and branding.

The new site has turned into a professional, stylish and fresh environment worthy of the name boutique. Researching the director’s personality and business goals, the design process focused on style direction and rebranding. The new interior benefits from fresh, bright walls, hints of silver, light blue, and distinctive glossy black surfaces. Commercial carpet is used instead of hardwood flooring as the material is preferred for tailoring practices. Strong daylight bulbs throughout provide a well-lit space for the intricate pinning and sewing of clothing. The concept of Attic Wardrobe brought to mind an airy, light environment with creative textile installations. The director being a seamstress was able to sew many of the creative textile installations by hand. This meant not merely unique fittings but shaving down on installation costs. Projects as such bring creativity and freshness to the self-made, independently-run business world.


Promotional video created by Authentic Attribute to advertise Attic Wardrobe.

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