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Our first ever residential project was undertaken for a growing family in Nottingham, UK. The brief was to refurbish an open-plan kitchen, diner and living space. It was vital to design a multifunctional room where family members enjoy time spent together in a secluded haven, whilst transforming the space into a centre for entertainment when friends come over.

It was important to provide a TV screen for entertainment purposes when guests come by to watch the sports, however in general the room was designed to avoid being centred on the TV. The family wanted a more inclusive, social environment that encourages conversations. The room also had to accommodate users that enjoy activities such as reading, sewing, cooking, relaxing and provide plenty of floor space for children to play.

Natural tones, organic materials, quality finishes and hand-crafted lighting define the space. Underfloor heating lies beneath the limestone flooring, whilst bright and gentle paint is applied to the walls to compliment the dark midnight blue cabinets. Teal and mustard yellow seating provide space to relax and play upon. An LG OLED screen blends into the background of family pictures and artwork, whilst the fitted cabinet provides plenty of storage for toys, books, and a sewing machine.

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