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Style Direction & Inspiration




TechHub Swansea is a branch of the co-working space originally founded in London. The company hosts space for independent businesses and freelancers from the tech industry. The director of TechHub Swansea decided to reinvent the local branch through branding. The project benefited from style direction and colour consultancy to help visualise the aesthetics of the new brand.

Swansea has a long history of copper mining and is located alongside the Gower Peninsula, making it a coastal town. Taking inspiration from the history and location, the new aesthetics feature elements of copper surfaces matched with an aquatic colour palette. The site is divided into two floors offering space for entrepreneurial and independent professionals from the tech and creative industries. The lower floor offers an open plan space for co-working during the day and events (such as TED Talks) during the night. The design features a flexible seating layout, a call-booth, a professional stage, and a self-service bar with copper accents. The upper floor hosts space for private offices and creative studios. The existing narrow offices have been designed to maximise seating area and provide light through task lighting. Chalk walls and botanical walls help creativity and engagement throughout the workday. Break-out spaces work simultaneously as cinema rooms or photo studios. The colour palette is consistent throughout, yet the lower floor is toned down for events whilst the upper floor keeps a fresh atmosphere to boost productivity.

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